About Our Business

Hi and welcome to Dusty's cAttic. I'm Sharon Long, owner and founder.  This
web site and business is named after one of my cats. "The Cattic" is my hopes
and dreams to run an online retail business. I've been doing ebay since 2002
selling items that I had around the house and things I would find at garage
sales, estate sales, thrift stores, ETC. I was doing it as a hobby, but also
viewing it as a part time side business also. Then I thought maybe it would be
fun to try and get more serious about it and try and buy items wholesale and
re-sell them retail. This of course means being a legit business. So that is what
I'm trying to do. I'm mostly planning on having collectibles and toys. That's partly
where the CAT name comes from. Also since you never know quite what you
might find in your attic and since I'm not totally sure what items I'm going to carry
in my store, that's pretty much how the name Dusty's Cattic was born.
About Us